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Advertising & Promotional Opportunities


Advertise in the Final Programme (digital and/or printed versions).

‣‣ 1/1 black & white inside page: €1,500

‣‣ 1/1 colour inside cover page: €2,500

‣‣ 1/1 colour outside cover page: €3,000

Booking deadline: 4 May 2016

Artwork deadline: 6 June 2016

Digital Specifications for advertising will be available soon.


Promote your company’s symposium/exhibition booth with an advertising email, designed and written by your company and sent to all pre-registered participants prior to the conference. Companies taking advantage of this option and who contact us well in advance can choose which date they would like their email to be sent out on. Alternatively this decision can be left up to MCI Deutschland. A maximum of two emails per company will be accepted. 

Potential reach: the total number of pre-registered participants by the date the email is sent by MCI Deutschland.

‣‣ Prices and further details available upon request


All participants will be provided with a lanyard branded with the sponsor logo. Participants must wear their name badge and lanyards throughout the conference. Lanyards should be supplied by the sponsor. Please feel free to contact MCI for support.

‣‣ €2,950 / approx. 1,000 pieces

Conference Bags

Every participant will receive a conference bag containing all conference material. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your company and products in a very prominent and visual way.

‣‣ €2,750 / approx. 1,000 pieces

Bag Insert or Brochures on Display

Have a flyer or company brochure provided to all participants. Your printed material can be packed into the congress bag or provided at the info table next to the registration desks.

‣‣Bag insert: €1,150 / approx. 1,000 pieces

‣‣Brochures on display: €750 / approx. 500 pieces

Pens, Notepads and Promotional Materials

Insert pens, notepads or other promotional products such as USB sticks or water bottles in the conference bags. Items should be supplied by the sponsor and may be branded with sponsor logo. Please feel free to contact MCI for support.

‣‣ €480 / approx. 1,000 pieces

The EMBO Meeting Quiz

This would increase visitor traffic to your booth. All participants receive a copy of the quiz in their conference bags. They will be required to answer a short question about your company and/or products. Participants will then need to visit your booth to determine the correct answer. Attractive prizes will be awarded.

‣‣ €275 or donation of a suitable prize. Note: participation of a total of at least five companies would be needed to order the quiz.

Mobile Charging stations

Attract participants to your booth with a mobile charging station and offer a real benefit.
  • 6 lockers provide space for mobile phones and tablets
  • your product video on the advertising screen (HD, 19'')
  • your poster on an illuminated poster area (37x52cm)
  • Location: at your booth or nearby.
  • Complete Branding possible (on request)

‣‣€ 2,000 for one station
‣‣€ 1,500 each when ordering more than 2

Twitter Feed on Conference Homepage

A newsfeed is regularly updated daily on the conference website ( with news clippings about confirmed speakers. The sponsor would be recognized on the newsfeed section of the homepage.

‣‣ €450

Pull-up Banners

Promote your symposium/product in the venue. All pull-up banners must be provided by you, but we are more than happy to assist you with the printing/production process. Your pull-up banner placed at a variety of locations in the venue.

‣‣€ 500 each

Advertising Space

Make it easy for guests to find their way to your exhibition booth, session or to find out about your products:

  • Your logo/branding at the main entrance of the venue.
  • Your poster/banner in the glass displays directly in front of the entrance.
  • Your logo on the street signage system from main station to the venue.

‣‣ Further details are available upon request.