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ttopstart academy – how our funding canvas can increase your success in Horizon 2020

Tuesday, 13 September, 12:30-13:15
Gustav Mahler II (Saal 3.2)

Research budgets and scientific outputs are under pressure due to limited funding, increased competition and a need for socio-economic impact. The changing funding climate for R&D demands that research groups continue to innovate and refine their current practices.

In this short workshop we will explain our funding canvas, a novel tool developed by ttopstart that can help prepare your research team for grant applications. The canvas is based on nine criteria that strongly influence the chances of receiving funding. It identifies strengths and weaknesses to develop a strategic plan for improving overall  performance in both national and international subsidy programmes.

About the ttopstart academy
The ttopstart academy is an initiative of ttopstart to structurally increase the competitiveness of scientists and entrepreneurs in life sciences, medical technology and healthcare through personal coaching and training.
It is our mission to empower scientists and entrepreneurs. We want them to be successful in tackling the challenges associated with disruptive healthcare technologies, for the benefit of patients. As a key partner, we take pride in ensuring that innovations are implemented faster and better, and businesses thrive.
We offer strategic support and several hands-on training programmes that are geared towards strengthening highly relevant skills and capabilities, including:

-          Collaborating with industry in a research setting
-          Identifying, contacting and bringing together partners for a strong collaboration
-          Strengthening skills needed to succeed in the life sciences arena (e.g. BioBusiness basics)
-          Improving the quality of grant applications through training and personal coaching (e.g. ERC training)
-          Setting the right framework for effective Horizon 2020 project management

More info can be found here.