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Manuscript clinics

Join an EMBO Press editor for a one-on-one discussion of your latest research. Present your poster or manuscript irrespective of where you intend to publish to get independent feedback. Go to the EMBO Press booth in the exhibition hall on level 3.

Sunday 11 September

Achim Breiling (EMBO reports):     10:30-11:00
Karin Dumstrei (The EMBO Journal):     13:00-13:30
Daniel Klimmeck (The EMBO Journal):     13:30-14:00
Ieva Gailite (The EMBO Journal):    14:00-14:30

Monday 12 September

Céline Carret (EMBO Molecular Medicine):     10:45-11:15
Martina Rembold (EMBO reports):    13:15-13:45
Bernd Pulverer (The EMBO Journal):    13:45-14:15

Tuesday 13 September

Céline Carret (EMBO Molecular Medicine):     12:30-13:00
Anne Nielsen (The EMBO Journal):   13:00-13:30