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ADP-ribosylation in signalling events

Special Interest Symposium

Saturday, 10 September, 09:00-17:00 - Room "Richter"

This symposium is organised by Herwig Schüler - Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, SE.

Please note that participants wishing to attend the special interest symposium must register to attend The EMBO Meeting - day passes for Saturday 10 September are available. Conference registration is now open. You can select this symposium in the "additional events" section on the form or email: herwig.schuler(at)

Poster session: If you wish your poster to be considered for this session too, please indicate this when submitting your abstract - under "other information" by clicking on the appropriate symposium in the drop down menu.**


0900-0915 Poster presenters: Mount your posters

0915-0920 Herwig Schüler: Welcome address
0920-1000 Michael Hottiger: Keynote lecture - Protein ADP-ribosylation: New molecular insights into an ancient medically relevant post-translational modification
1000-1020 Anita Göndör: Circadian chromatin transitions in the 3D nuclear architecture
1020-1040 Cristina Cardoso: Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation of methyl CpG binding protein 2 regulates chromatin structure

1040-1100 Coffee

1100-1120 Daniela Corda: Identification of the PARP substrates involved in stress response and in intracellular membrane traffic
1120-1140 Patricia Verheugd: mono-ARTDs - potential host factors targeted by viral macrodomains
1140-1200 Péter Bai: The role of PARP-2 in cholesterol and steroid biogenesis
1200-1220 Ivan Ahel: Protein ADP-ribosylation in bacteria

1220-1330 Lunch break

1330-1350 Matthias Altmeyer: PAR-dependent protein assemblies at sites of DNA damage
1350-1410 Valérie Schreiber: Regulation of poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase functions
1410-1430 Oliver Mortusewicz: Interaction of Timeless with PARP-1 promotes DNA repair
1430-1450 Françoise Dantzer: Therapeutic significance of PARP3 in cancer

1450-1510 Coffee

1510-1530 Aswin Mangerich: Reconstitution of HeLa PARP1 knock-out cells to analyze structure- function relationships
1530-1550 Dmitri Filippov: Chemical synthesis of mono-ADP-ribosylated peptides and oligo-ADP- ribose chains

1550-1610 Sara Charlotte Larsen: Evaluation of a novel mass spectrometry-based method for site- specific identification of ADP-ribosylation
1610-1630 Nick Lakin: Regulation of DNA inter-strand crosslink repair by ADP-ribosyltransferases

1630-1700 Poster session: please see above**
1730-1745 The EMBO Meeting 2016 Welcome Address
1745-1830 Opening lecture