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Mannheim - getting there

Mannheim is located in south-west of Germany between Frankfurt-am-Main and Stuttgart and just over 20km from Heidelberg. It is well-connected and acts as a transportation hub in southern Germany - in short: 30 minutes to the international Frankfurt Airport, ICE and TGV high-speed train hub with 185 connections daily - domestic and international, and it is linked to 5 motorways and the European major road network. More details on getting to the venue.

 By train

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By plane

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By coach (Fernbus)

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By car
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Disabled visitors

The Rosengarten is wheelchair accessible via ramps or lifts. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available. Contact the conference organizers should you need any special assistance: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +49 621 4106 5001.


Taxi Zentrale: +49 621 44 04 44
Taxi Mannheim: +49 621 21 8 18

Local publc transport

Mannheim has a good network of trams and buses. The local company is RNV. Please note: tickets cannot be purchased from tram drivers, you must use the ticket machines or official sales points (newstands, kiosks etc). Check out their English language website here.

City trams serving the venue
Line 2, direction “Feudenheim”, stop “Rosengarten”
Line 3, direction “Sandhofen”, stop “Wasserturm”
Line 4, direction “Käfertal / Heddesheim”, stop “Wasserturm”
Line 5, direction “Viernheim-Weinheim” or “Käfertal”, stop “Rosengarten”
Line 5A, direction “Heddesheim Bf”, stop “Rosengarten”
Line 6, direction “Rheingönheim” stop “Wasserturm”
Line 7, direction “Vogelstang”, stop “Rosengarten”

City buses serving the venue
Line 60, direction “Mannheim, Lanzvilla”, stop “Wasserturm”
Line 63, direction “Lindenhof, Pfalzplatz”, stop “Wasserturm”
Line 64, direction “Käfertal, Bahnhof OEG”, stop “Wasserturm”